M3 Lab’s journal article featured on the cover of CrystCommEng (published by the Royal Society of Chemistry)

CrystEngComm (Cover - Larger)

A recent journal article published by Ji Eun Lee and Prof. Siu Ning Leung has been featured on the cover page of the CrystEngComm (RSC) in Aug 2018 (Volume 20, Page 4080-4089). This SEM micrographs on the journal’s cover page depict morphologies of piezoelectric polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) foams. This paper decouples the thermal and supercritical carbon dioxide processing of PVDF proposed in our previous work into individual processing steps to elucidate the multi-stage crystallization mechanism of electroactive phase PVDF. Overall, this work provides insight to a more industrially-viable manufacturing approach to promote the electroactive crystal phase in PVDF for sensing and energy harvesting applications.