PDF, Visiting Scholars & Students


Ph.D. & Master’s Students

Atousa 150x150 Atousa Pirvaram – Ph.D. Student – 01/2020 to present
(Co-supervise with Prof. Paul O’Brien, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Thesis Topic: Development of Smart Porous Materials for Energy Harvesting & Storage
Ehsan-Tabesh-150x150 Ehsan Tabest – Ph.D. Student – 09/2019 to present
(Co-supervise with Prof. Garrett Melinda, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Thesis Topic: Development of Superabsorbent Polymer for Biological Sample Enrichment using Microfluidics
Ayatullah Elsayed Ayatullah Elsayed – Ph.D. Student – 09/2019 to present
(Ontario Graduate Scholarship Holder)
(Co-supervise with Prof. Garrett Melenka, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Thesis Topic: Additive Manufacturing of smart Materials for Energy Harvesting
Maryam Maryam Fashandi – Ph.D. Student – 09/2018 to present
(Co-supervised with Prof. Chul B. Parki, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto)
Thesis Topic: Preparation & Characterization of Hybrid Monomer-Polymer Silica Aerogels with Improved Mechanical & Surface Properties
Krystal Guo (150x150) Yuelie (Krystal) Guo – Ph.D. Student – 09/2018 to present
Thesis Topic: Smart Polymer Film with Tunable Surface Texture and Properties
Linh Linh Hoang – Ph.D. Student – 01/2016 to present
(Co-supervise with Prof. George Zhu, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Thesis Topic: Modeling & Simulation of Piezoresistive CNT/Polymer Nanocomposites and Their Foams
Esrat Jahan (150x150) Esrat Jahan – Master’s Student – 09/2018 to present
(2017-2018 Entrance Scholarship Holder, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering)
(Co-supervised with Prof. Ahmed Eldyasti, Department of Civil Engineering )
Thesis Topic: Micro-and-Nano-Fibrillar Membrane for Biofilm Wastewater Treatment Processes