Four new journal articles published by M3 Lab in April 2018

M3 Lab has published four new journal articles that report the design and fabrication of new material systems for thermoelectric nanogenerators, development of thermally conductive polymer material systems, as well as guidelines to promote the accuracy and efficiency to simulate the electrical conductivity of polymer-CNT nano composites. These include:

Guo, Y. and Leung, S.N., “Strain-Induced Oriented Crystallization of UHMWPE: Enhanced Thermal Conductivity Through Molecular Chain Alignment,” AIP Advances, Vol. 8, Issue 14, pp. 045126, 2018. (

Guo, Y. and Leung, S.N., “Thermally Conductive Polybutylene Terephthalate/Hexagonal Boron Nitride Composites with Bimodal Filler Size Distribution,” Materials Chemistry & Physics Vol. 216, pp. 221-228, 2018. (

Hoang, L.T., Leung, S.N., and Zhu, Z.H., “Eliminating Common Biases in Modeling Electrical Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes-Polymer Nanocomposites,” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Advanced Article Published, 2018 (

Aghelinejad, M. and Leung, S.N., “Fabrication of Open-Cell Thermoelectric Polymer Nanocomposites by Template-Assisted Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Coating,” Composites Part B: Engineering, Vol. 145, pp 100-107, 2018. (